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Department of Japanese

Global Studies Major, Japanese Language Major

The mission of the Department of Japanese is to train students to correctly understand Japan’s language and culture and to accurately communicate and disseminate that understanding. The department accepts foreign students interested in Japan and promotes overseas teaching practices and other forms of study abroad. The department curriculum also encourages international exchange. Forexample, the department uses a semester system so that study abroad does not interfere significantly with course completion. The curriculum of the global studies major focuses on Japanese and Asian languages,culture and business to provide students with practical business skills that will enable them to flourish in global society, while the Japanese major consists primarily of courses designed to train Japanese-language instructors.

Major Subjects
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics / Basic Japanese Linguistics Seminar / Japanese Linguistics / Japanese Grammar / Introduction to Linguistics / Sociolinguistics / Introduction to Japanese-Language Teaching / Japanese-Language Teaching Methodology / History of Japanese Literature / Introduction to Chinese Classics / Second Language Acquisition Theory / Marketing Theory / East Asian Studies / Introduction to International Relations / Comparative Culture Theory / Specialized Research / Graduation Research