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Department of Chinese

Global Studies Major, Chinese Language Major

The role language-mediated communication plays in the global community will grow in importance. China, which now boasts the world’s second-largest GDP, will continue to occupy an increasingly pivotal position both economically and culturally. The role the Chinese language plays will therefore also grow in status alongside the development of international society. In light of this reality, the Department of Chinese has established two majors—the global studies major and the Chinese language major—both of which provide the practical instruction needed to develop and enhance Chinese-language communication abilities. With a common basis in improving Chinese-language capabilities, each major is also characterized by a distinctive curriculum designed to cultivate talented individuals who possess superior international sensibilities in the fields of business, education and cultural exchange, and who are active in the wider international community.

Major Subjects
Basic Chinese Language Seminar / Elementary Chinese / Elementary Spoken Chinese / Intermediate Chinese / Advanced Chinese / Practical Chinese / Chinese Composition / Introduction to Study on Chinese Society / Introduction to Study on Chinese Thought / Introduction to Study on Chinese Literature / Introduction to Study on Chinese History / ASEAN Research / Basic Skills of Japanese to Chinese Interpretation / Specialized Research / Graduation Research