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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics offers two courses—the Global Economics Course and the Global Management Course—clearly dividing the economics and management/accounting fields. The department set its educational goal as “the fusion of theory and practical studies” so that students in the department can make practical use of what they have learned here—integrated economics— as a means to improve themselves, depending on their career path and situation. The department equips students with broad-based knowledge covering local and international societies that forms the basics of social studies and economics and advanced abilities in such fields as public policy, finance, management, and accounting with the goal of training students to be vigorous businesspeople who can contribute to the global society.

Major Subjects
Specialized Seminar / Introduction to Economics / Microeconomics / Macroeconomics / Practical Economics / Management Theory / Special Bookkeeping Workshop / Public Finance / Monetary Economics / Economic Policy / Overseas Training / Bookkeeping Theory / Accounting Theory / Community Research