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Special Japanese Language Course

The Special Japanese Language Course is for international students who would like to study at universities or graduate schools in Japan. The primary aim of this course is to train these students so that they can understand lectures in Japanese at universities or graduate schools. Another aim is to deepen students’ understanding of Japanese culture and society, which will make it easier for them to communicate and live in Japan.


We have a Fall Entrance Ceremony,today.New students are from 9 countires/areas - U.S.A., Algeria, Sri Lanka, Mongolia,Thailand,Viet Nam, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Welcome to Japan and welcome to Meikai Bekka!! We are happy to have a chance to study with you!

■ Curriculum
The goal of this course is to bring students’ Japanese-language skills up
to the level required for taking classes at the undergraduate or graduate
school level. It is designed for international students who are hoping to
enroll in a university or graduate school program.
Furthermore, by enhancing students’ understanding of Japanese culture
and society, this program aims to help improve their quality of life and
ability to communicate while living in Japan.

■ Japanese Language
Systematic Japanese-language education is provided based on each
student’s level of Japanese. The curriculum aims to help students perform
well on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for
International Students (EJU), which measures the skills that are needed
for admission to a university.

● Grammar
● Kanji/hiragana/katakana and vocabulary
● Oral expression
● Listening comprehension
● Reading comprehension
● Written expression

■ Liberal Arts
By teaching a broad range of subjects, including Japanese geography,
industry, history, and current affairs, this course aims to give students a
more in-depth understanding of Japan.

● Japanese affairs

■ General Education
The course offers classes on subjects that are on the EJU and university
entrance exams.
● English
● Mathematics
● Society

■ Education Staff
Highly experienced instructors are passionate about their work and offer
thorough student guidance.