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This department’s curriculum consists of six areas—communication, international liberal arts, hospitality and tourism, management, practicum, and case studies. GMM is taught entirely in English, enabling students to accumulate the international experience and perspective needed for leadership in industries and fields around the world that require a hospitality mentality and sophisticated communication skills. Additionally, by studying abroad at hospitality and tourism departments of foreign universities for a year, students develop effective communication strategies to manage a diverse workforce environment.


Communication Ability and International Understanding desired for leaders in Hospitality and Tourism industry by an organized curricula as follows:
・Freshman: Japanese Language and Culture courses and Liberal Arts courses
・Sophomores: In-depth Liberal Arts and Fundamental courses


Acquiring the knowledge and attitudes necessary for Business Management and Leadership by course programs as follows:
・Compulsory courses for Management and Leadership
・Elective courses corresponding to the student’s targeted career
・Real-world simulations through experiental programs


Reinforcing “Fundamental Competencies for Working Professionals” by course programs as follows;
・Learning basic literacy and ability through in-depth individualized coaching in quadrennial small seminars

GMM Syllabusu2018 PDFファイル


Introduction to Management
This course is designed to provide each student with a basic understanding of management skills including planning, controlling and leading an organization. It also serves as an overview to understand issues involved in both managing and being managed which will help students to be a more effective contributor to organizations that they join in the future.

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Studies Ⅰ/Ⅱ
This introductory course is designed to provide each student with basic knowledge through a broad overview of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. It enables students to understand the market landscape from horizontal and vertical views with both Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Approaches.

Practicum B (Regional Revitalization)
This course is designed to provide each student with an advanced understanding of regional revitalization through authentic learning. Connecting the students to a region's real-world issues, problems, and applications, the learning experience is designed to support research, planning and execution based on the knowledge gained in class.

International mobility

Exchange programs and study abroad activities
Japanese students are required to study abroad for a year in one of our partner Universities.


 University of Central Florida
 Rosen College of Hospitality Management

 University of Hawaii, Manoa
 The School of Travel Industry Management


 Sunway University
 School of Hospitality