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Prospected Students (International)

Those who have attended schools outside the regular Japanese educational system for at least the last two years prior to enrollment, and who possess sufficient English language proficiency in order to take college level courses in English are eligible to apply through this admission category. (No prior knowledge of Japanese is required.)
Those who succeed in this admission process enter in April.

Admissions for GMM

●Documentary Screening
・The admissions process for applicants is subject to GMM admissions policies and regulations based on Japanese national education requirements. Students are required to submit a number of documents which are subject to careful inspection by the Admissions Center Committee. The documents required are specified in the following pages and vary according to the applicant’s educational background, so please read the information in this booklet carefully to determine what documents you will need to submit.
・AlI application documents are important to enable the committee to screen applicants in a fair and accurate manner, and omission of any of the required documents may adversely affect the chances of admission. In particular, official high school transcripts and certified standardized test results are indispensable, as the Admissions Center Committee will screen the applicants as fairly and as rigorously as students who enter on the basis of other types of admission examinations.

●Application Period
・Email entry: Nov. 9 (Thu.), 2017 - Nov. 22 (Wed.), 2017
・Deadline for submission of all application documents: December 1 (Fri.), 2017
・Notification Date: December 26 (Tue.), 2017

●Sending 8 Items as application forms* to Meikai Admission Center.
*Application Forms

Academic Fee

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Meikai Scholarships

●Honors Scholarships (Freshman)
 Full exemption of tuition fees
 Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(JLPT): N1

●Honors Scholarships (sophomore and Later)
 Full exemption of tuition fees
 Top 2% (Grade Point Average in previous year)
 * required to meet specific conditions in performance

 Half exemption of tuition fees
 Top 5% (Grade Point Average in previous year)
 * required to meet specific conditions in performance

●Financial Support from other organizations
Aside from financial scholarships provided by the university, there are public organizations and private foundations in Japan which offer financial aid for students. Some may accept scholarship applications prior to coming to Japan. For more information, please check the website of Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).


Meikai University has NO on-campus dormitories but we consign the introduction of off-campus housing such as Apartments, Student Dormitories, Student Apartment Houses (other than homestays) and a shared house.