Meikai University's Mission

Chairperson Jun Miyata

President Hiroshi Nakajima

Fostering graduates of talent and ability, who are well educated, creative, rational, and capable of being active in the international community

Well Educated

The ideal of a shared future on this earth is now untenable without environmental consideration of how to wisely use the earth’s limited natural resources. For all the economic developments that have taken place in many countries across the globe, a great number of problems remain to be dealt with. We see problems to do with unemployment, aging populations, and sluggish economies. Developing nations too face social and economic problems. To confront these and to help move humankind toward universal prosperity, Meikai University is dedicated to producing well-rounded and open-minded citizens who will work towards a harmonious society and contribute to the public good.


As science, technology, and other academic research are constantly making new advancements, universities must decide how to best lead the vanguard areas of their times. Meikai University offers a unique system of comprehensive education that integrates sciences and humanities. While recognizing that an education in science and technology provides the basis for future national achievements, we are also aware that it needs to be balanced with a thorough and wide-ranging cultivation in the humanities. The programs and courses offered at Meikai University thus combine natural sciences and social sciences with a cultural education. As centers for the creation and transfer of knowledge, universities must strengthen their international competitiveness and demonstrate their diversity. We believe that only an education that is well rounded will equip future leaders to respond to the challenges of the global society of the future.


Today, information overload can sometimes lead to a sense of individual confusion and powerlessness. An over-reliance on technology surely should be avoided. This is why Meikai University aims to reinforce the possibilities brought by science and technology with a comprehensive education, one that stresses rationality, individuality, responsibility, and freedom of thought, so that its students can use the possibilities of information and technology for empowerment and to work for the greater good.