Department of English

Global Studies Major, English Language Major

The fundamental educational goal of the Department of English is to provide students with practical English communication skills and the cultural understanding that will serve as the foundation for those skills. Given the globalization of society, the department also strives to cultivate students with plurilingual skills (Japanese, English and Chinese) and international understanding (fundamental knowledge of the cultures, societies and businesses of various foreign countries). To that end, the department offers two majors, the global studies major and the English major, and provides enhanced specialization corresponding to the goals and circumstances of individual students. There are also plenty of courses designed for students who wish to become English-language teachers.

Major Subjects
Basic English Language Seminar / Integrated English / Introduction to Intercultural Communication / Preparation for TOEFL / Society and Culture of the English-Speaking World / Contrastive Linguistics / Interpreting Skills / Translation Skills / Discussion & Debate / English for Current Issues / Business Economics / North American Studies / Introduction to International Relations / International Business Theory / Preparation for TOEIC / Graduation Research

Keys to selecting a major

Global Studies Major (GSM)

Become someone who can link Japan to the rest of the world by acquiring skills in multiple languages and an international liberal arts education Employ the skills you acquire in multiple languages (Chinese, English and Japanese) and the expertise you gain related to various foreign countries to create a global career at trading companies, manufacturers and other companies that link Japan and the world.
You’ll also be able to use your language skills and international liberal arts education for careers with public sector institutions or NGOs involved in international cooperation, as interpreters in corporations, or at the overseas operations of international companies

English Language Major (ELM)

We’ll help you acquire a strong command of English and become someone who can build a career as a professional for languages. Develop the sophisticated English-language skills you’ll require for a career as a junior or senior high school Englishlanguage teacher, or as a language or prep school instructor.Enrolling in graduate school is also an option.
You’ll also be able to use your strong command of English to find employment at companies in Japan or elsewhere, particularly for careers involving interpreting, translating and editing work