School of Health Sciences

Department of Oral Health Sciences

Meikai University has a tradition and strong track record of dentistry-related education. In April 2019, the university established a new department focusing on oral health.

Meikai University has pursued its mission as an institute offering dentistry-related education since it was founded in 1970, and many Meikai graduates are active in the dental profession. Following this tradition and track record, we’ve established the Department of Oral Health in the School of Health Sciences at the Urayasu Campus to train dental hygienists, who are specialists in oral health.

<Four strengths>

Education based on our track record in the dentistry field

Meikai University has produced over six thousand dentists since it opened. You can acquire advanced technical knowledge and skills based on the education and research into the field the university has accumulated.

Get hands-on experience at medical facilities open to the community

In addition to Meikai University Hospital, the university has dental clinics on the Urayasu Campus and in Shibuya City in Tokyo and Iruma City in Chiba. These medical facilities are open to the community, and are excellent places for daily and intensive learning experiences.

Learn how to respond to an advanced and diverse society

Oral health is a vital element in both the medical field and in nursing care and home care. Meikai University offers education that fit the needs of the new era, such as dysphagia rehabilitation and specialized oral health management.

Nurturing students to ensure they succeed in global society

Through international understanding, required English-language courses and overseas training programs, the department produces dental hygienists that can succeed in the global society of the future.

<The three major duties of a dental hygienist>

Dental hygienists support the dental and oral health of people, with the overall goal of preventing dental diseases and improving oral health. They must earn a national professional qualification.

Preventive dentistry treatments

Dental hygienists perform treatments designed to prevent dental and oral diseases. These treatments include applying fluoride to tooth surfaces to strengthen the teeth, and removing dental plaque and tartar using professional mechanical tooth-cleaning equipment and methods.

Dental care assistant and medical care team member

In addition to assisting dentists and other dental professionals during procedures, dental hygienists cooperate with various professions as medical care team members to ensure that patients receive dental treatment safely and without worries.

Dental health guidance

To maintain and promote the health of everyone through proper oral care, dental hygienists provide dental health guidance to individuals and groups at various locations, including medical institutes, nurseries, kindergartens, schools, companies and communities.

<Why pursuing a career as a dental hygienist makes sense>

A national qualification that doesn’t expire

Since dental hygienists must receive a national qualification, you can return to work even if you quit due to a life event.

Opportunities to use your skills are expanding

Since a hundred-year lifespan is now a greater possibility for many, dental hygienists— who support the health of all generations from infants to seniors—are an even more essential part of the dental profession.

The number of jobs available is increasing rapidly

The job offers-to-applicants ratio for dental hygienists is over 21 to 1*! The need for these specialists of oral health is rising annually, and there are not enough dental hygienists to meet the demand.

* From the “2018 Survey of the Current Situation on Dental Hygienist Education” by theJapan Association for Dental Hyg