Our program


English Only

All courses will be conducted in English, enabling students to earn a degree in English. Non-Japanese speakers are able to take Japanese language course s to improve their communication skill.

Global Experience

Students will obtain wider global prospectives in an international environment by studying among fellows from all over the world with different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. Students also benefit by studying and experiencing Japan’s unique and world famous hospitality.

Core Management Courses

Provided with a broad range of core management courses, students will learn the fundamental management skills of a global leader with a basis of Hospitality and Tourism studies.

Practicum courses

Students will have many opportunities to directly work in actua l business environments through projects. These experiences will enable students to develop and build con fidence and professional identities.


University Calendar



Matriculation and Commencement Ceremonies Held Twice a Year

Meikai GMM welcomes students from throughout the world, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. Matriculation Ceremonies, held both in April and in September, and Commencements held both in March and in September, symbolize GMM’s openness to the world.

This year, 2022, Meikai GMM is welcoming students who studied in the Japanese education system in April and those who studied in foreign educational systems and are proficient in English in September. This admissions system allows students to enter in either April or September, depending on their linguistic and educational background.


Quarter System

The academic year is divided into quarters that allocate the same amount of time to spring terms 1 and 2, and fall terms 1 and 2, of approximately eight weeks each. Students register and complete courses in each term. The quarter system allows students to choose courses according to their current academic interests and to study intensively and systematically.

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