GMM overview


Meikai University is officially accredited / recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture,Sports, Science and Technology, Japan.

Meikai University is accredited by the Japan Institution for Higher Education Evaluation (JIHEE) and its accreditation was recently reaffirmed in 2019. This certification is effective for seven years through 2026.

Global Management Major

Global Management Major of Meikai University is a unique course of study designed specifically to develop Next-Generation Leaders in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. To develop our students into talented leaders in a dynamic and global society, Global Management Major particularly focuses on developing communication skills through international liberal studies, leadership with management skills, knowledge of hospitality and tourism studies, and a global hospitality mindset.

Policies of Global Management Major

Global Management Major has policies in three general areas: diploma, curriculum and admission.

1.Diploma Policy

Ability to become a leader in the domestic and/or global fields requiring advanced communication skills, with extensive knowledge of management.


Ability to learn and improve continuously in both Japanese and English (TOEFL iBT 80+) and to use those languages to communicate with people from around the world based on their own experiences of studying overseas.


Ability to lead the change of organization or society by encouraging stakeholders through leadership based on hospitality mind.

2.Curriculum Policy

Communication Ability and International Understanding desired for leaders in Hospitality and Tourism through an organized curricula as follows:

Freshman: Japanese Language and Culture courses and Liberal Arts courses

Sophomore: In-depth Liberal Arts and Fundamental courses


Acquiring the knowledge and attitudes necessary for Business Management and Leadership through course programs as follows:

Compulsory courses in Management and Leadership

Elective courses corresponding to the students targeted career

Real-world simulations through experiential programs


Reinforcing “Fundamental Competencies for Working Professionals” through course programs as follows:

Learning basic literacy and ability through in-depth individualized coaching in quadrennial small seminars

3.Admission Policy

An intention to develop critical thinking and problem identification skills based on fundamental literacies and competencies required of Global Leaders in various social fields with a focus on the Hospitality and Tourism industry as follows:

Hospitality Mind High level abilities in communication

An accumulation of experiences in an international context


A desire to contribute as a Leader in various Social Fields where Hospitality Mind, multi-language and multi-cultural diversity and inclusion are essential.


Holding a Basic English proficiency (as reflected by a minimum CEFR B1 level) and a strong willingness to study towards improving and applying such ability after admission.