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  • 浦安キャンパス 2020年度後学期授業について(8月15日更新)


2020.08.15 大学からのお知らせ

浦安キャンパス 2020年度後学期授業について(8月15日更新)








学長  安井利一

1. 後学期の授業形式は、対面授業と遠隔授業の併用



2. 遠隔授業希望者への対応について




Urayasu Campus Classes in the Second Term of the 2020 Academic Year (updated August 15, 2020)

To all students and parents


Day after day, the news is filled with stories about the COVID-19 pandemic, and still there seems to be no hint of a resolution in the offing. The Japanese government is determined to prevent COVID-19 from exploding, but also wishes to reopen economic and social activity. For its part, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is asking universities to resume in-person classes.

Against this background, Meikai University wishes to notify you that it has decided to conduct face-to-face classes and remote classes in parallel. The University will conduct classes in an environment that minimizes the risk of infection, as the safety of students is the University’s highest priority.



Toshikazu Yasui


Meikai University

1. Face-to-face classes and remote classes will be presented in parallel in the second term.

Classes in which benefits cannot reasonably be expected the skill acquisition, experimentation and practice that can only be acquired in person will be conducted face-to-face classes. However, depending on the educational characteristics at each Faculty and Department, some classes may be conducted on a remote basis. The remote classes presented in the second term will be provided on a real-time as well as on-demand basis.

2. Support for those who prefer remote learning

Students who wish to attend classes that are offered face-to-face basis but prefer to do so on a remote basis are asked to explain their reasons clearly in the specified format (Request for Remote Learning), have the form affixed with a parent or guardian’s seal and submit it to the Study Continuation Support and Consultation Office by Thursday, September 3, 2020. Such requests will be granted subject to the approval of the dean of the appropriate Faculty or Department or of the president.


Details and other information are provided separately on the Web Portal System.