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  • 2021年度前学期授業について(浦安キャンパス)第二報 First-term Classes in the 2021 Academic Year (Urayasu Campus) Part 2


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2021年度前学期開講授業の約8 割を対面授業、約2割を遠隔授業で実施し、通学を前提とした授業運営を行います。授業形態は、各授業のシラバス(講義概要)に記載します。



















First-term Classes in the 2021 Academic Year (Urayasu Campus) Part 2

To all currently enrolled students

To all newly enrolling students

To all guarantors and parents


As stated in Part One, issued December 15, 2020, Meikai University intends to offer classes in the first term of the 2021 academic year on the assumption that students will attend in person, while taking full and stringent measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


To welcome all students to campus safely, the University is taking measures to prevent droplet infection and installing ventilation in accordance with the standards stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW).


Students are asked to make the necessary preparations to attend classes safely. Now and in the future, you will need to implement a new mode of living. Act in a socially responsible manner as befits a student of Meikai University, taking thorough measures to prevent infection and manage your health.


We are all praying for the quickest possible end to this COVID-19 pandemic. The staff and faculty of Meikai University are doing everything possible to overcome this current difficulty along with you. I thank you sincerely for your understanding and cooperation.



Toshikazu Yasui


Meikai University

March 3, 2021



  • Basic class operations

When classes begin in the first term of the 2021 academic year, about 80% of classes will be held in person, while the remaining 20% or so will be conducted remotely. Classes will be run on the assumption that students will attend in person. The format for each class is listed in the syllabus.

Notification of the syllabus and other details regarding first-term classes will be provided through the Web Portal System. An overview will also be sent to new students by postal service, along with a guide to school events.


We are also working to provide an environment for attending classes remotely while remaining on campus. Students are asked to ensure that they have the necessary environment for remote learning installed at home.


(Please note that the University may unavoidably need to return to class formats focused on remote learning, depending on the status of the pandemic.)


Measures to prevent infection at the University

    • Thermal cameras are installed at all entrances to campus facilities. Hand sanitizers are provided at entrances and in hallways. Constant ventilation is assured by operation of ventilation equipment and opening of windows and doors.
    • Plastic partitions to prevent droplet infection are installed in the student cafeteria. Measures to prevent infection in the 30th Anniversary Student Hall are installed and available for use.
    • Students are asked to wear masks at all times. When engaging in conversation, please maintain social distance of at least 1m.


  • Preparation of an environment for use of IT equipment

The necessary environment will be implemented to enable stable wireless LAN connections on campus.


  • Consideration for students in a wide range of situations

Some students may be unable to attend classes in person because they have underlying conditions that may become critical if they become infected. Foreign students may be prevented from entering Japan. The University is responding to the concerns of students who require special consideration to attend classes in person.

  • Students who wish to attend by remote learning

Notification of procedures for applying to attend by remote learning will be sent to new students by postal service along with the guide to University events. Current students can view this information on the Web Portal System. Interested students are invited to apply according to the specified procedure.


Separate notice will be provided for students enrolled in the School of Dentistry.