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  • 2022年度 前学期授業について(浦安キャンパス)第二報 Regarding First Semester Classes of the 2022 Academic Year (Urayasu Campus) Second Report


2022.03.11 大学からのお知らせ

2022年度 前学期授業について(浦安キャンパス)第二報





















安井 利一

Regarding First Semester Classes of the 2022 Academic Year (Urayasu Campus) Second Report

To Registered Students

To New Students

To Guarantors and Guardians


As announced in the first report sent March 1, 2022, Meikai University will conduct all classes in the first semester of the 2022 Academic Year in person. We will implement every measure to prevent infection.


In order for us to be able to welcome all students on campus safely, we will implement measures to prevent spray between people in our campus facilities, and will thoroughly ventilate in accordance with standards established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, so we request that all students prepare themselves with a sense of security to attend classes.


Also, the details of the orientation and the like for the new semester have been posted on the Urayasu Campus website. Be sure to check those details when you have time.


International students who have difficulty entering Japan because of immigration restrictions should consult with the Educational Affairs Section (overseas study support).


We will continue to practice the new lifestyle, and we once again request that as Meikai University students, you show social responsibility, and that you thoroughly work to prevent infection and manage your health.


We will continue hoping for an end to the new coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible, and will do our utmost to help the faculty and staff of the university overcome this difficulty time together with our students. We hope you will understand and cooperate.


If the status of the infection changes significantly moving forward, be aware that we may implement measures to mitigate infections such as by calling for biweekly remote classes.


March 11, 2022

Toshikazu Yasui, President