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  • 2023年度授業について(浦安キャンパス)Regarding the Classes of the 2023 Academic Year (Urayasu Campus)


2023.03.14 大学からのお知らせ



























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Regarding the Classes of the 2023 Academic Year (Urayasu Campus)

To Registered Students and Newly Enrolled Students

To Guarantors and Guardians


The policy of Meikai University is to continue to conduct all classes in person, in 2023.


The government policy for the basic measures to deal with the COVID-19 was to wear a mask indoors after March 13 at the discretion of the individual. Also, because it has been reported that the classification of the infectious disease law has been revised, the measures to be taken for the pandemic when conducting classes should be handled by each individual.


We will respect each individual's choice to wear a mask, but according to conducting classes, teachers may request that students wear a mask in order to prevent further spreading of the virus. We ask that you be sure to bring a mask with you to the class.


Whether to ventilate by opening the windows and doors of the classroom will be judged by the teacher in charge of the class as required, with consideration being given to the size of the class and how it is being conducted.


Temperature detectors and hand sanitizers will continue to be available in the building for the time being. Be vigilant in managing your physical condition.


Remote attendance that was allowed for international students who were having difficulty entering Japan will not be implemented because entry restrictions have been lifted.


Furthermore, we have issued a suspension order from the university based on reports of fever and close contact, but we will only handle absence notifications based on a medical certificate relating to the virus.


As a Meikai University student, we request that you continue to work to maintain a safe and secure campus while thoroughly conducting socially responsible behavior, prevent the spread of the infection, and manage your own health.


We continue to hope for an end to the COVID-19 as soon as possible. We will do our utmost to help the university faculty and staff flexibly handle our ever changing environment. We hope you will understand and cooperate.


For our future response to the COVID-19 infection, be aware that we may make changes based on a comprehensive assessment of the University's status, governmental requests, and other factors.


March 14, 2023

Toshikazu Yasui, President