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2023.08.01 大学からのお知らせ




現在、様々なAI技術を用いたシステムやサービスが社会の中に普及しつつあり、とりわけ、Chat GPTに代表される生成AIの利用は、学修・研究を深めるための有効な手段の一つであるといえる状況にあります。









中嶌 裕

Student Usage of Generative AI

Members of the Student Body


Currently, systems and services utilizing diverse AI technologies are becoming increasingly widespread in our society, and the use of generative AI such as Chat GPT has become one effective method for digging deeper in academic study and research.


On the other hand, a variety of problems with these systems have been pointed out, and in the course of using generative AI, it is essential to both understand information ethics and comply with all applicable laws and ordinances.


At this university, since the characteristics of each individual course differ, we allow the supervising staff to decide whether generative AI can be used as well as the method with which it should be used. In addition, you must be sufficiently careful of issues such as leakage of personal or confidential information, the authenticity of generated content, copyright violations, and plagiarism when using this technology. Also, creating materials such as those which directly affect grades (including presentations, reports, and homework assignments) or documentation to be presented outside of this university using solely generative AI is unacceptable. When used to create a portion of these materials, information such as the usage method should be specified.


Moving forward, the university will continue to keep an eye on new knowledge and changing conditions related to generative AI and consider the appropriateness of its usage.


August 1, 2023


Hiroshi Nakajima